Best foundation to cover acne scars and large pores

Best foundation to cover acne scars and large pores

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Beauty has taken itself to different levels after the era of cosmetics. Probably the basic motto of beauty products is making the human skin better and more attractive by covering up for the deformities or so called defects.

Foundations are among the most preferred and appreciated products in the beauty section. But the fact that most of the people miss is the actual use of a foundation. There is a huge different between a foundation and a concealer.

A foundation is designed to make the tone of your skin look even. It makes every bit of your look better with a well-toned glare. But if you talk of acne scars and large pores it won’t be covering it rather due to elevated of depressed surface it can cause the exaggeration of your acne or scar. It can even start looking more evident and this is really a lot problematic.

Here in this article we will give you a detailed description of different foundations and even the best foundation to cover up acne scars and large pores up to good extent.

Acne Scar actually is very hard to get rid of. Even if you compare a simple pimple and a scar that the pimple left you can get the difference we are talking about.

If you don’t go for a foundation according to your own complexion then this might lead in a mismatch. It will be very disturbing to watch such a use of foundation so make it very clear about how you are going to use your foundation.

Make sure to match the foundation to your details. See the list very carefully on the back side of the foundation and search for those components which you are looking for. It is very important to be sure about the coverage and the formula you will be using.

Also when it comes to skin and especially when it comes to foundation for covering acne scar you will have to be specific to reactions that can happen on the skin.

Not every cosmetic that you use can be useful for your skin, so be strict in going for the perfect one which does not hamper your skin. If it does hampers then you might land on a very confusing note, as instead of reducing the scar it will make more problems.

Here are some of the best foundations you can use to cover up the acne scars and large pores-
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Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation-

This is one of the best and budget friendly Foundations out there in the market. If you are a fan of light glow in your skin and hate the too much that many foundations provide then you need to go with this.

This foundation can help you in blurring the harsh skin and hence providing a smooth texture. On an addition the pack comes with a dropper. This is a unique dropper set foundation giving you the accurate amount of foundation at a time.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation-

If you are looking for a foundation with accurate amount of vitamins helping to get your skin glow and repair itself. It is very rich in two components, the first being Aloe Vera which actually can be very effective treating the scars you want to disappear and the other being Vitamin E which is a must in skin care.

We can say that one talk of natural skin care foundation then this can be one of the best foundations to cover acne scar and large pores. As the name suggests it is very efficient in providing oxygen to the skin cells and hence making it worth it.

Becca Cosmetics Skin Love Weightless Blur Foundation-

It is a complete wonder to use this product. You will be amazed to see that a light weight foundation can make so much change on your skin. It has a special glowing nectar and bright complex making the foundation among the best one to try.

The blend of specially cold pressed avocado and the secret hydration melon is a complete gift. It is a foundation but one can say it to be among the best Concealers for acne scars.

DanessaMyricks Beauty Vision Cream Cover-

A gift for those who are up with the problem of dry skin. Foundations can affect the worst on a scaly skin. If by any case your skin loses the moisture easily or your skin has spots making you face look uneven, then you must have a try over this foundation.

This vision cream cover is the provider of an even tone especially on this location. Apply it on the spots where you find your skin to scaly and dry and it will give you the matching tone you want. People with dry skin always should consider such factors before taking any of these.

Uoma Beauty Foundation

You can’t just argue that an uneven tone is a problem of only the people with dry skin. It’s also a big one for those who have oily kin. And we didn’t miss anything here hence this is the best foundation to go for regarding oily skin. Oil on sin can be a fuzz and tension regarding cosmetics as it can literally ruin the whole thing.

If your foundation lacks the component that makes it stick to the oil on your face it will get all mixed up and start coming down your face and you will never want this happen in a group of people.

Beauty BakerieInstaBake Aqua Glass Foundation-

Amagical foundation for people who have a combination of both the above mentioned skin. It is a combination of elegant foundation with natural extract. It provides a flawless and a smooth coverage on the skin which can extent up to a day.

It has an amazing creamy formula that keeps the foundation alive all day in such type of your skin. The color contrasting effect is brilliant keeping the foundation on the top edge even with 30 different shades.

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What is the best overall?

All the above defined foundations are among the Best foundation to cover acne scars and large pores. But if you ask for that one foundation doing it complete wonder for you then the name which comes up to the front is Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation.

With its amazing features it’s a complete wonder to use. Everything from the dark spots, the red pimple and all other such small spot or mark can be easily removed using the foundation.

If you don’t know what type of specific foundation will suit your skin it is the best choice you have. Keeping a note especially this foundation works as Best makeup for pitted acne scars.

The SPF 25 is a worth trying and it is a complete protection from the sunburn. The toning is so perfect that you can’t find a single scar or a spot that feels like left over toned or more toned.

If you feel that due to excess of dryness and pollution there is need of hydration to your skin then you have lucky as its 24 hours hydration technology is designed for this making your sin glow completely.

Concealers are also great in providing such a facility

It can’t be a case that you have not experienced any scar or such spots due to pimple or acnes and more of an oily skin. Concealers are the best thing to get rid of these rigid spots. Here are some of the best concealers for acne scars.

Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer-  

You cannot keep Maybelline out of the race of concealers. It can cover a good range of skin and is brilliant in providing a complete assist in the matter of scars. The concealer works best in the worst condition giving everything a perfect lookout.

It has a very amazing natural finish hence is very frequently used by skin care and other people. Not only this much but its dermatologically tested that means you are going to use a product which has a proper certification from doctors.

Coastal Scents Professional Camouflage Concealer Palette-

It is so called a magic it because the changes it can bring on a face is very much like a magic. It is a palate and contains different set of concealers according to the use. A perfect set of mixture for different complexions to make it a magical look. The longevity is amazing to have and can stay for hours on your face. Moreover it is a good product to have.

Revlon PhotoReady Stick Concealer-

If coverage is a problem you are facing on a regular basis and you don’t find a good concealer to cover all the spores and acne scars this can be a good option.

Most of the people who went for this product loved it so much that they kept on using for years. It’s an age old and well tested products so don’t be in a hesitation to try it. Comes with a SPF 20 so is very efficient for daily use

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer-

With amazing longevity of 6-7 hours some have considered this product to be the best concealer for acne scars. The coverage is brilliant and you can get amazing results using it. Even the dark action which is especially for scars is a good addition.

Lakme Absolute White Intense Concealer

It is all about good vitamins and combination of 3 of the best one. The concealer is one for all and is amazing to use. The most exciting attraction to the concealer is its price. It is one of the most amazing conceal in very limited price. Everything you get in this is a mixture of amazingcontent with cost efficient concealing.

How to fill in acne scars with makeup?

Acne scars are not something new or rare and every individual in his life has gone through the phase where they get god numbers of acne over the face.

Even most of the beauty products are based on the topic of acne concealment. You can never get out of the scar these little acne leave on the skin. But makeups in these days have given a lot of options to every other person to get rid of this scar.

Though one needs to know the proper boundary and limitations to use a concealer and foundations or it can completely ruin your din with over use.

Answering the question how to fill in acne scars with makeup?It is a very plain and simple way to do it. Just use your make up according to what your skin needs. If you want a full term treatment it is not possible with these quick remedies. It will help you in getting a temporary stand for limited 5-6 hours.

Try applying the concealer over the affected areas and this can get you done in no seconds. But don’t try to over use it. The scar can be a dark or a tough one and if you can’t get the complexion in the first few strokes, you will have to wait.

Once you lose the patience and you get yourself into problem. It will not only expose the scar but it will be like a highlighter on the face. A highlighter over a scar, even terrible to listen. The whole system is based on the overall looks and if you lose patience it will make your skin unevenly toned.


At the last you can have thousands such products which can make your skin glow. There can be many foundations and concealers which you can use in the section of dealing up with scars that are a result of a pimple or acne. We tried to bring you some of the best foundations out here. All of them are very efficient in making your skin worth it.


7 Best Foundations for Large Pores and Acne Scars

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