How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Using Coconut Oil

How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Using Coconut Oil

coconut oil for wrinkles

In today’s era, if you don’t use the right skincare products, wrinkles will eventually start to appear on your face pretty soon. It is also normal to have wrinkles as you grow older. To combat that effectively, you have to make use of coconut oil. Since it is natural, it is quite different from other skincare products. Wrinkles can appear in different places. 

Some people have wrinkles in the forehead, mouth, and so on. Even though some creams are effective in treating them, Coconut oil is the best. It is natural. So it has no side effects. It works by increasing the rate of collagen production. As that happens, new cells start to generate in the skin. So the skin would become clearer and fresher. Unlike other cosmetic products, coconut oil is quite cheap and organic as well. 

How to apply Coconut Oil?

As stated earlier, coconut oil can reduce wrinkles in the face, forehead, and other parts of the body. You just have to get virgin coconut oil. You can purchase it in local stores or shopping malls around your region. It is also available on online stores, from where you can purchase it. 

After purchasing it, wash/rinse your face properly. You don’t have to use a facial mask. You should use a gentle facial cleanser. Immediately after doing that, use a towel to wipe your face till it is dry. Then apply the coconut oil on your face. Since it is thick, you don’t have to apply much. Also, you don’t need to apply it with a cloth or any such material, only use your fingertips to apply it directly on your face. 

It is better to use coconut oil as an overnight treatment. So you can apply it before sleeping. Even though the results won’t be reflected immediately, yet, it is definitely effective. When you use it for a few nights, you will start to see the changes. Apart from clearing all the wrinkles in your skin, the coconut oil will also moisturize it. So your skin will appear neat and smooth. 

How Coconut Oil can be combined with other products to get rid of Wrinkles?

Although you can use coconut oil alone, but, you can also use it with castor oil, turmeric, and the likes. In some cases, coconut oil works faster when it is combined with any one of those things. The various ways in which coconut oil can be combined with different products are discussed below.

1. Combining Coconut oil with Apple Cider Vinegar

You need one spoon of apple cider vinegar in this case. For a better result, one spoon of water should also be used. Unlike the others, you don’t need a spoonful of coconut oil. Natural coconut oil is rich. So you just have to utilise only a few drops. A good cotton wool is also needed to apply it on the face. After mixing the apple cider vinegar with water, you can use a ball of cotton wool to apply it on your face. Wait for some minutes, and don’t touch your face. 

When your face becomes dry by itself, rub it with a little amount of original coconut oil. For best results, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar should be used as an overnight treatment. Since Apple cider vinegar is known to restore the natural color of the skin, it will bring a youthful glow. Coconut oil will also help to avoid wrinkles. 

2. Combining Coconut oil with Castor Oil

You just need to add two drops of castor oil to 2 drops of coconut oil. Make sure you mix them well. After that, rub it on your face. Unlike the other methods, you can use this method to clear wrinkles at any time of the day. Castor oil doesn’t only help to prevent wrinkles; it also helps to prevent fine lines. 

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3. Combining Coconut oil with vitamin E

All you need is a capsule of vitamin E and drops of coconut oil. The quantity you need depends on where you’re going to apply it to your body. If you only need it on your face, you don’t have to use much. You’ve to break the capsule into a bowl. After doing that, you can mix it with coconut oil. You should proceed to apply the product on your face and rub it for some minutes. 

Vitamin E works well for people with naturally dry skin. It helps to prevent the skin from excessive dryness. So there would be no room for wrinkles to appear. 

4. Combining Coconut Oil with Honey

All you need is one spoon of coconut oil and one spoon of honey. Make sure it is raw honey. Raw honey is available in almost all shopping malls or local grocery stores. After mixing the two products, you should proceed to apply the result. You don’t have to rub it all over your skin. Just apply it directly to where the wrinkles are formed. Immediately once you’re done; use water to rinse it off from your skin. 

Honey is one of the best natural remedies to heal skin that has been damaged. So it will help clear off all wrinkles and give you a nice glow. 

5. Combining Coconut oil with lemon juice

All you have to do is mix one spoon of coconut oil with one spoon of raw milk. When the milk starts to curdle, you should add coconut oil in it. After mixing it well, you can proceed to apply it on your face. Use your fingertips to rub it for about 3 minutes. Before you rinse it off, leave it for about 12 minutes. 

Apart from its cleansing properties, lemon juice has been known to tighten pores. The vitamin C present in lemon juice also helps to make the skin firmer and elastic. All wrinkles are removed during that process.  Milk also serves as a good moisturizer. So the skin won’t be dry. Unlike the other methods, the combination of Coconut oil and lemon juice can’t be used by everyone. Some people’s skin reacts badly to dairy products. Such people should try other combinations. 

6. Coconut oil with Turmeric

You just need to mix one spoon of raw coconut oil and a very little amount of turmeric. Turmeric powder can only be used here. When you mix the turmeric powder with a little amount of coconut oil, a paste is formed. That paste is what you will apply to the area with wrinkles. After application, leave it for about 15 minutes before rinsing off. 

Turmeric is made up of antioxidants that help to keep the skin safe. There are different kinds of turmeric products. So ensure that you purchase an organic one and check for the expiry date. Expired products are harmful to the skin. 


When coconut oil started to become popular, it was only known for cooking. Recently, people have started to use virgin coconut oil to improve their skin. There are even cosmetic products that have coconut oil as one of its main ingredients. You can also use coconut oil to clear wrinkles and improve the appearance of your skin. So for making your skin wrinkle-free do make sure to use coconut oil. We hope you liked our article. 

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